Arthur Prelle Malvern in the Fall

Malvern in the Fall

Philadelphia has countless activities, and even some smaller towns like Malvern, Brandywine, West Chester, and other small suburbs of the city hold their own festivities to celebrate autumn’s arrival.

2 Arthur Prelle Vegan Recipes

Great Vegan Recipes for Fall

Just because someone has chosen to abide by a vegan diet doesn’t mean they have to be left out of all the fall food festivities.

Arthur Prelle How to Go Vegan

How to Go Vegan

Here are some starting tips for going vegan.

Arthur Prelle Dance Class

Take a Dance Class

Whichever kind of dancing you desire to learn, there are numerous physical and mental benefits to getting your groove on.

Arthur Prelle manage your snackiing

Manage your Snacking

If you’re trying to get healthy, catching yourself with your hand in the cookie jar and finding other ways to cure your boredom could lead to almost instant weight loss.

Arthur Prelle Healthy Summer Desserts

Healthy Summer Desserts

Here are some great healthy desserts to try this summer!

1 Arthur Prelle Bike

Bike to Work This Summer

There are lots of good reasons why you should give up your gas guzzler in favor of a more sustainable vehicle.


Change your House to Lose Weight

Believe it or not, your house might be working against your efforts to lose weight! Certain furniture arrangements or common household items may be discouraging you from being active, or worse yet, actively encourage sloth! If you plan on losing weight this spring and summer, you might want to clean out your living space and […]

Arthur Prelle | Walking and Hiking near Malvern, PA

Walking and Hiking near Malvern, PA

Daylight savings time has begun, meaning the days are lighter later, the weather will be steadily improving, and you can return to your regularly scheduled walks and hikes. Recently, National Geographic Magazine ran an article discussing the psychological and physiological benefits of spending more time in nature. In addition to the added exercise, being in […]

Arthur Prelle | kettlebells

Kettlebells for Fitness

Arthur Prelle loves the intensity and pump of a kettlebell workout. The low-tech wonder of kettlebells offers a super-effective full-body workout in a short time frame. Kettlebells are sometimes tucked away in the corners of health clubs and may look a bit weird, but they can provide one of the simplest, most effective workouts around. […]

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