Arthur Prelle hails from Somerville, New Jersey, currently sojourning at Malvern, Pennsylvania, and enjoys spending his free time exercising and practicing healthy living habits. He understands the impact that both exercise and high-quality foods have on one’s mental and physical health, and lives his life accordingly.
Over the years, Arthur has grown to appreciate the benefits of healthy living habits. From improved focus and concentration to more energy and zest for life, he is continually motivated to take the time each day to better himself by exercising and eating healthy. Arthur is constantly on the move, staying active through golf outings, running, hiking, or taking part in TRX Suspension Workouts.


Arthur Prelle started playing golf when he was a junior high school. Along with his brothers, Arthur would play golf every day during the summer. These golf outings would often last an entire day; their record being 56 holes in a single day. To this day, Arthur still enjoys the challenge of the sport. Golf is incredibly demanding and requires a great deal of mental and physical stamina and hand-eye coordination to compete. Arthur also appreciates how many golf has helped him cultivate a number of skills that translate well into the professional world, such as discipline, patience, and concentration. Golfing also reduces the stress and improves the mood of Arthur.

TRX Suspension Workouts

TRX Suspension Workouts were born in the Navy SEALs, and feature bodyweight exercises that develop strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability simultaneously. As Arthur Prelle contends, it is a very interesting workout as it allows you to leverage gravity to complete hundreds of different exercise. TRX is small, portable, light, and allows Arthur to do a variety of workouts when traveling.

Running & Hiking

The Adventures of Arthur Prelle from Arthur Prelle on Vimeo.

When it is time to disconnect from technology and get the endorphins going, Arthur Prelle is fond of running and hiking. For Arthur, both activities provide the perfect release from the demands of daily life and allow him to reconnect with nature. Running and hiking gives Arthur flexibility. Arthur can run and hike where he wants and when he wants. Arthur is never late or too early. It allows Arthur to tune in and listen to his own body. Running or hiking allows for complete stress reduction. Arthur doesn’t have to worry about the pace being too fast (or too slow). Arthur is free to turn his thoughts inward and just relax and run as fast or slow as he wants. There’s nobody to talk with—other than himself. This is Arthur’s time for problem-solving or contemplation.

Professional Background

Arthur Prelle is a seasoned independent financial services professional who has amassed over 20 years of experience as a trader. After serving for a major back in financial database management, Arthur left to pursue an independent investment management career in 1996. He founded his own financial services company in 1996, where specializes in stocks, commodities, and options trading.

Over the past two decades, Arthur Prelle has built up his business simply by word-of-mouth and a great reputation among his clients. His core investment philosophy is based on three principles: Faith; Patience; and Discipline. He is most passionate about the research and technical analysis that sound investing requires. Arthur is a graduate West Virginia University, holding a Bachelor of Science Degree.